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Brahms' Hungarian Dances transcribed by Alfredo Piatti

23SETT17:0018:00Brahms' Hungarian Dances transcribed by Alfredo PiattiGuarneri Room17:00 - 18:00(GMT+02:00)

Dettaglio dell'evento

200 years after the birth of the cellist and composer Alfredo Piatti from Bergamo, considered the Paganini of the cello, the Tarantino duo (cello) – Scafarella (piano) will propose listening to some Hungarian Dances by the composer Johannes Brahms transcribed by Alfredo Piatti with the support of the well-known pianist Clara Schumann as well as life partner of Brahms himself. There will be musical pages relating to Piatti himself and other authors in the performance of the duo.

Luciano Tarantino is Italian cellist born in 1977, began studying cello at a young age and was taught by renowned masters such as Ormezowski, Geringas, Mork, Monighetti, and Rostropovich. By the age of 20, he had become the first cellist for several Italian orchestras, performing under conductors such as Mazeel, Sinopoli, Tate, Gergiev, Pretre, Noseda, Petrenko, and De Burgos. However, he soon left this role to focus on solo and chamber music, leading him to perform at prestigious chamber music festivals in cities such as Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, Rome, Bergamo, Moscow, Vilnius, Stockholm, Istanbul, Beijing, Seoul, Strasbourg, Lugano, Johannesburg, Beirut, and more. Tarantino has recorded various CDs for labels such as DaVinci, Brilliant, Farelive, Fedoramusic, KzMusik, and Stradivarius, and was the only Italian to receive an award from the Violoncello Foundation of New York. Currently, he is the artistic director of Festival Note in Bari and plays the precious Italian cello of Carlo Antonio Testore from 1736.

Paolo Scafarella is an accomplished pianist born in 1993 in Trani, Puglia. He graduated with top marks and honors from the ‘N. Piccinni’ Conservatory in Bari, where he obtained both a three-year degree in piano and a two-year degree in solo piano. Scafarella has performed as a soloist in major Italian cities and internationally in France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland. He has collaborated with orchestras such as Orchestra Sinfonica Santa Croce, Orchestra Sinfonica di Cosenza, and Orchestra Sinfonica di Grosseto. Scafarella has recorded successful albums with the record labels Brilliant Classics, Piano Classics, and Aulicus Classics. He is also a published author of books, transcriptions, and practice editions with the publishing house Momenti Edizioni. Scafarella recently won the S.I.P.C. ‘Allan Forsberg’ Internation- al Piano Competition in Stockholm, one of the most prestigious piano competitions in Northern Europe. Paolo Scafarella collaborates with Blue Chords Management, one of the leading music agencies in Italy, and has upcoming concert tours planned in China and America.



(Saturday) 17:00 - 18:00(GMT+02:00)


Guarneri Room

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