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Book presentation by Andrej Gavrilov "FIRA E ANDREJ. "La mia amicizia con Svjatoslav Richter" (Zecchini editore)"

22SETT16:30Book presentation by Andrej Gavrilov "FIRA E ANDREJ. "La mia amicizia con Svjatoslav Richter" (Zecchini editore)"Cristofori Room16:30(GMT+00:00)

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Presentation of Andrej Gavrilov’s book “FIRA e ANDREJ. La mia amicizia con Svjatoslav Richter” (Zecchini editore).

With accompanying audio CD: Chopin’s Nocturnes performed by Andrej Gavrilov

With the participation of Andrej Gavrilov and Nicola Cattò.

In 1974, winning the international Tchaikovsky competition at just 18 years old, and later acclaimed as the stand-in for an indisposed Richter at the Salzburg Festival, Andrej Gavrilov seemed destined for a meteoric career. But soon after, on orders from the General Secretary of the CPSU himself, Leonid Brezhnev, he found himself isolated, was barred from any foreign tours, and even experienced several attempts on his life by the KGB.
Only in 1985 was he finally able to emigrate to the West, where he was recognized as ‘the greatest contemporary artist’ (New York Times).
This ‘collection of semi-ironic texts,’ as the author describes it, is not exactly a memoir, but rather retraces through memories, reflections, and portraits of both famous and lesser-known contemporary figures, the ‘first life’ of the Maestro, his Soviet period. A significant portion of the book is devoted to analyzing the friendship—from its stimulating beginnings to its somber conclusion—that Andrej Gavrilov nurtured for several years with the ‘leading pianist of the Soviet Union,’ Svjatoslav Richter.
In an engaging and straightforward style, without hypocrisy or pretense, the author draws upon his own biographical experiences to sketch an artistic and philosophical picture of both the Soviet and Western cultural worlds, highlighting the ‘deadly and detrimental influence to which culture and life are subject, not only in the Soviet Union but also in the rest of the world.



(Friday) 16:30(GMT+00:00)


Cristofori Room

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