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Unique in the world, Cremona Musica is about experience, numbers, quality, and events.

This is what the protagonists of the Event say.

Most of the audience at Cremona Musica is made up of musicians (professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts, students, teachers, representatives of schools and associations). The 6 categories thus cover 75% of the total number of visitors, which, together with the 2% from the Trade, indicates that Cremona Musica exhibitors come into contact with highly qualified visitors who are very interested in the products displayed.

Numbers and results

Cremona Musica is one of the most internationalized events in the national trade fair scene; even in 2023, with a significant recovery, 18% of visitors and 53% of exhibitors came from abroad.

Professionals and amateurs

The interest in the Event is also confirmed by one of the most significant visitor categories: that of musicians. If we analyze the category of professional musicians, we notice that a high percentage (63%) is represented by string instrument musicians, followed by professional pianists (21%).

The percentage of amateur musicians is well distributed among various instruments, highlighting that Cremona Musica is not only focused on professional string musicians but also on amateur musicians of all instruments, representing a very significant market for the sector.

Operators, musicians, and enthusiasts from 72 countries
exhibitors from over 35 countries around the world
events including concerts, seminars, masterclasses, presentations, and historical exhibitions

5 unique exhibition halls

Professional musicians present at the fair (%)

Visitors from Europe +72%

Visitors from Asia +18%

Visitors from America and the United States +8%

Product categories present at the fair

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A unique program featuring over 182 events in just 3 days.

During the three days of the event, Cremona Musica fills with harmony and sounds thanks to over 180 events including concerts and performances, presentations and seminars, masterclasses and lessons, conferences, and historical exhibitions.

Cremona Musica International Exhibition

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