from 27 to 29 September

In Cremona, a dialogue with the contemporaneity of the “electric world” begins, among different audiences and new expressive realities  

From this meeting, a new beginning emerges.

The future advances with respect for the past. Wisdom, research, innovation, and different musical genres wish to tell you a story that looks far ahead.    

The new Space

Liuteria & Amps

In the home of violin making, construction techniques, restoration,maintenance, woodworking and sound technology

Business & Shops

The vast production reality of the electric world sees important numbers that broaden musical enjoyment to an equally large and curious audience, always looking for new things

Vintage & Memorabilia

History of electric guitar and rock music. A major presence at this show, with historical instruments and FROM STAGE items by famous artists


Musical genres that dialogue thanks to “instruments” created in various eras, to be played and put at the service of a vision that seeks confrontation in order to evolve


ESV encourages the involvement of music schools with projects that can highlight the importance of getting close to an instrument and starting to play


Stories about instruments and music, in the service of sound. 360-degree insights where storytelling and information create entertainment and culture

Spaces and contents


Floor plans

Birth of the new Electric Sound Village space. At the entrance to the HALL 1 exhibition area, it will integrate seamlessly with the other halls.



Each instrument can be rehearsed freely and respectfully through SILENT or amplified modes in soundproof booths.



It starts with electric violin making. Also involved, major companies and a significant presence of Vintage instruments

Cremona Musica 2023 Edition

20,058 operators, visitors, musicians from 72 countries - 364 exhibitors from 35 countries - 300 printed passes for musicians Acoustic Guitar Village

Where we will be?

ESV will be inside this space: HALL 1

Exhibition solutions

We are Music


ELECTRIC SOUND VILLAGE aims to highlight a space dedicated to all the important professionals that make up the world of electric sound.

From those who build instruments, to those who play them, to those who sell them, to those who collect to preserve, to those who venture to the edges of electronics, to technicians, artists, enthusiasts, communicators, and describers, to the curious, and to all who love these two components: technology and expressiveness.

Whatever your “role” may be, the electric world thrives on this, and thanks to you, we will tell its story.

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