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Cremona Musica Awards

Established by CremonaFiere since 2014

What is it?

The Cremona Musica Awards are assigned during the annual Cremona Musica Exhibitions and Festival to personalities and institutions in the music world who have achieved excellence in their field. The awards are presented during the fair by the President of CremonaFiere.

Each year, the management and scientific committee of Cremona Musica select the protagonists of international music who have contributed most to the spread of great music and the values that have always been linked to musical tradition.

The awards are divided into categories, covering composition, performance, projects, communication and, as of 2018, guitar laliutery.

The connection with the city of Cremona (a symbol of Italian musical excellence in the world), the context of Cremona Musica (the world’s leading fair of high craftsmanship musical instruments) and the prestige of the awardees, have made the Cremona Musica Awards stand out as one of the most coveted awards in the industry from the very beginning.

Indeed, over the years a number of legendary personalities from the music world have come to Cremona Musica to receive this award, including Alfred Brendel, Shlomo Mintz, Michael Nyman, Krzysztof Penderecki and many others.

This year the Cremona Musica Awards 2023 have been awarded to:

“Performance” category:  Steven Isserlis; “Communication” category: Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger ; “Project” category: Recycled Orchestra of Cateura ; Speciale Prize “Una vita per il pianoforte”: Angelo Fabbrini; Category “Accordion Construction”: Paolo Soprani , Category “Guitar Maker”:  Amalia Ramirez


“Performance” category: Steven Isserlis

“Communication” category: Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger

“Project” category: Recycled Orchestra of Cateura

Speciale Prize “Una vita per il pianoforte”: Angelo Fabbrini

Category “Accordion Construction”: Paolo Soprani

Category “Guitar Maker”: Amalia Ramirez


“Performing” category
string instruments: Christophe Coin

“Performing” category
wind instruments: David Kraukauer

“Guitar making” category:
John Monteleone

“Communication” category:
Chopin Competition

“Composition” category:
Valentin Silvestov

“Project” category:
Martin Engstroem


“Performing” category
string instruments: Roby Lakatos

“Jazz performance” category: Enrico Pieranunzi

“Communication” category:
Marìa Susana Azzi

“Covering composition” category:
Richard Danielpour

“Project” category:
Luciano Del Rio


“Performing” category
string instruments: Salvatore Accardo

“Communication” category: Ezio Bosso

“Performing” category
guitar: Paco Peña

“Performing” category
winds instruments: Richard Stoltzman

“Project” category:
Violins for Hope – Amnon Weinstein


“Performing” category
string instruments: Maxim Vengerov

“Performing” category
orchestral conducting: Valery Gergiev

“Covering composition” category: Giya Kancheli

“Communication” category:
Alessandro Baricco

“Project” category:
Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival

“Guitar making” category:
Hermann Hauser III


“Performing” category: Ivry Gitlis

“Covering composition” category: Giovanni Sollima

“Communication” category: Stuart Isacoff

“Project” category: Santa Cecilia National Academy


“Performing” category: Shlomo Mintz

“Communication” category: Bruno Monsaingeon


“Covering composition” category: Krzysztof Penderecki

“Communication” category: Corinna da Fonseca – Wolheim

“Project” category: Elio delle Storie Tese


“Performing” category: Alfred Brendel

“Covering composition” category: Michael Nyman

“Communication” category: Norman Lebrecht

“Project” category: FuturOrchestra