Disklavier Festival at Cremona Musica

The Disklavier FestivalAs part of the event program organized by Yamaha Music Europe – Branch Italy at the Stradivari Hall during Cremona Musica, a series of events dedicated to the Yamaha Disklavier piano will be presented. The aim is to showcase the potential of Disklavier technology to the international audience of Cremona Musica, to highlight existing projects by musicians working with Disklavier, and to open up to new ideas and experiments.

Cremona Musica’s mission is not only to organize the event but continues 365 days a year with a constant commitment to promoting music. This includes co-marketing projects with partner companies to create prestigious initiatives like these.

The Disklavier Festival follows the multi-year project of Disklavier Composers Contest. The festival will also serve to showcase the award-winning compositions from previous editions of the Disklavier Composers Contest.

The Disklavier Festival will take place on Sunday, the last day of Cremona Musica. It will be a showcase of events related to the creative use of the Disklavier. We will host internationally renowned musicians who regularly use this type of piano, experiment with “remote lessons” by connecting pianos thousands of kilometers apart, and many other ideas are currently in development. It will also be possible to submit applications to perform your own project designed for the Disklavier. More details on how to participate will be published soon. Follow us on this page and on the social media of Cremona Musica and Yamaha Piano.

Disklavier Composers Contest. The Disklavier Competitions for Composers

Cremona Musica and Yamaha Music Europe – Branch Italy have been collaborating for 4 years on organizing the “Disklavier Composers Contest”, a composition competition that utilizes Disklavier technology to autonomously play the piano. The final of the competition is held during Cremona Musica.

The “Disklavier Composer Contest” was created to bring together the genius of Yamaha engineers and the genius of today’s composers, who are thus invited to make the most of the potential of this innovation, which infinitely expands the versatility of the piano, lending itself to countless uses. A technology that can undoubtedly stimulate the imagination of the most creative musicians.

Disklavier Technology , developed over more than 30 years by Yamaha, allows the Japanese brand’s acoustic pianos to record and perfectly reproduce the pianist’s performance, even drawing on a catalog of sheet music, recordings, or starting from even a simple MIDI format track, replicating even the sonic nuances and movements of keys and pedals, and allowing the pianist to even accompany himself or play a piano located on the other side of the world.

Contest participants can submit their own unreleased song, which will then be played live on the Yamaha Disklavier piano. La giuria internazionale che nel 2022 era composta da Antonio Faraò (Italia), Andrea Portera (Italia), Gabriel Prokofiev (UK), Gabrio Taglietti (Italia), Dan Tepfer (Francia-USA), selezionerà i brani che avranno poi accesso alla finale che si svolgerà nell’ambito di Cremona Musica.

The Disklavier technology introduces an absolute innovation for composition contests: every submitted score will be played and judged by listening, and the performances will also be recorded in high-quality video and published on the Disklavier Composers Contest Youtube channel with the author’s name, giving each composer a chance to hear and have their work known.

FOR INFO: disklaviercompetition@cremonamusica.com

The finalists for the Disklavier Composers Contest 2022 are:

  • Giacometti Antonio: Mawè
  • Napoli Domenico: Moti interiori
  • Tortorella Ernesto: Hi Robot
  • Yokota Keisuke: Goshi-Goshi
  • Zattera Federico: Il vento che fa musiche bizzarre

The winner of the Disklavier Composers Contest 2022 is:

  • Giacometti Antonio
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